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About Being "Krabbe"

There is nothing that can help you to know what a Krabbe is, really, better just meeting one. Melissa Krabbe, Rob Krabbe's wife can attest to that. She has been Krabbe since she married Rob.

Melissa Marzano was engaged to ROb Krabbe, secretly the week after they met. They married 18 months later at Trinty Lutheran Church, in Simi Valley California. That was September 12th, 1981.

My earliest memories are of countless Krabbe's in Illinois. Family parties, Grandma's cooking, and Great Grandma's Arthritis, and unbeieveably . Family singing, guitars playing, Grandma playing her electric guitar.

There are so many memories, someday I shall have to write them down before age takes my memories away.

My earliest memories are of family. Parents, grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, cousins, a lot of them, in the State of Illinois, back in the early 60s.

I remember very large houses, corn fields so high they blocked out the sun, and snow in winter time that got piled up on each corner, by county snow shovels, and tractors; piles as high as the top of the house.

I remember a dinner bell ringing, and my brother and I running from the other side of the neighborhood to make it home in time or we’d get nothing. Of course my mother says that is a false memory, she would never let us go hungry, but the point is, we wore no watches, we got home by sun set, or by the time the dinner bell stopped ringing, on pain of severe punishment.

I remember the smell of bacon fried okra, fried chicken, and the taste of fresh boiled sweet tea, poured over ice, so you get that hot swirly cool mix of tea so sweat it gave us energy until dinner and then some.
I remember family music sessions, and grandma playing her electric guitar and singing folk music. My dad teaching me my first chords, and then me working night and day to pass his guitar skills, and begin writing songs that were at first really bad and corny.

I’m asked a lot about song writing, and creative writing both. It is seemingly easy for me, which is partly due to the fact that I am creative to the point of being some kind of savant; I’m good at a select list of things and most other things I just don’t even try. Also, however, due in the most part to this simple rule: If you want to be a guitar player, play your guitar. I write, constantly, and the first few years wrote nothing but crap. I remember a quote, and I’ll try to get close as I can to the words, Robert Rodriguez, noted film director, film producer, and writer, said this in an interview when asked about film making and what advice he would have for future film makers. He said “I believe every young film maker has 25 really bad films in them. Go out and make those horrible bad films as quickly as you can and move on to the good stuff.” Amen, bought the T-shirt. I wrote so much crap in my youth, and still wrote horrible songs, and just was so passionate, and driven to write that it didn’t matter if anyone would even listen to them, or read my stories, I had to do it anyway to live.

So I wrote, for myself, for therapy, for life. At some point someone said, hey that’s not bad. And the rest is a long, long story of writing more crap, and more crap, and then writing something somsone liked again, and again and again. You get the picture.
A Krabbe? Well simply put I am one. I did the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, and no one could tell me different. The definition of insanity right? Well there you go! Answer to question.


Rob Krabbe






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Rob Krabbe short bio

Rob Krabbe is an author and composer living on Galveston Island, Texas, with his mostly grown children and his wife of thirty years. He has spent a great deal of his life as a musician and song writer, and has recently focused more of his time on his story writing. He now spends most of his days in his office, and has several novels and projects in process. He has written and published several short stories and poems, and has previously published two books including a collection of his short stories, Chaos to Order and Back Again, and a daily poetry journal, Forty Days in the Dessert - forty days of prayer and fasting. The Jake Collins Band - The Fading Silence is the first of a three-part trilogy of adventure novels.

Rob is incredibly creative and a little quirky. His love of a good cup of coffee is legendary, and anyone who stops by can count on being offered a fresh cup.


The Origins

Our branch of the family name, Krabbe, came from the name Holtzkrabben, a brach of the family from Norway. 100s of years ago when my family ran from Norway, under threat of death, because of some scandle involving the Queen of Norway's reputation, a misunderstanding, and one wild night at the castle.

Krabbes have been running around the world ever since, dropping off little branches of the family seed, and a part of us being kicked out of every good country on the planet. Survival of the fittest, left those of us who had didn't fit in any where else, being kicked around more; ending up, of course, in the United States, where there were no standards accept that we needed a place to live, had a dream (of not being killed) and were hard workers, or at least good liars.

So in a nutshell that is it. We shortened the name to Kraubbe in Germany, during a short stint, before world war 1, and then to Krabbe at Ellis Island.

I'm sure that last part of the adventure occured when the rent was due somewhere else, and the rest is history.

This history is absolutely true or not, and can or cannot be verified at all or so.